Complicated Love

She was alive, it was sunny. But I stayed cool

Prom’s queen and king. Yes we were more than cool

Holidays in clubs. Extravagant dowry so we became cool

Damn, like a rose in spring we were likable than gold


But out of all why? Why her

Optimistic parents but they grew to love her

Not them. Never me. It was always her

Damn too late. ‘Cos to her, my heart I’ve sold


A gum in her hair. Tight. We were always together

Like a disable and a wheelchair. We journeyed together

But misery loves company and now, we’re in it together

Damn. Two years. But judgement. We grow rough and old


Never touched her. A gentleman. And I stayed in that class

Lovable. Humble. Yes a Juliet in her class

We married, we sexed. But we never stayed in forever’s class

Damn. Romeo is out of her class. And her bed ain’t even cold


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