Remember me and remember when we were young

Remember me your colour and remember our favourite song

Remember me and remember the legs that made you walk

Remember me your dream and remember the tongue that made you talk

Remember me and remember the hand that feed your mouth

Remember me your luck and remember the face that made you laugh

Remember me and remember the eyes that made you see

Remember me your guard and remember me your heart’s key

Remember me and remember the shoulders that carried you up

Remember me your pencil and remember the melodies that came from your harp

Remember me and remember the light that always appeared in your darkness

Remember me your hope and remember the thought that lead to your happiness

Remember me and remember that game that we played

Remember me your angel and remember the bed in which we liad

Remember me and oh remember now that I am far gone

Remember me your better-half and remember the day our love was born


His Vows

My love, my one and only

Before you life was not great and kind

So I behaved and lived like a child

I lend my heart to several but it’s now at home

Trust me my love, there’s no competition

For I now awake to a beauty of an angel

With a smile that isn’t deceitful

Therefore all that I pray is

To love you for better or worse

To love you in health or sickness

And to listen, respect, honour and cherish you

So help me God


Her Vows

My love, I honour you with all that I have

For you are beyond my hearts’ desire

So I will for all-time obey and support

For I know you mean me no harm

I will wait in patient and in humbleness

For your promises never fail

I will speak with love and respect

For this is the only way to your heart

Far be from it that I fight or curse you

Far be from it that I lie to you

For I will love and hate what you love and hate

So help me God

Feeling Jealouse

Just today I felt really jealous…..

All because, I saw a guy in my neighbourhood, same age, same height but he had a car and what made it worse was that it was raining and from my departure to the bus-stop was like 15 minutes. I tell you that there and then I felt this hatred in my heart in a form of a sharp pain (like someone is pricking my heart with a needle). This pain continued for like 10 seconds, but it felt like 2 minutes to my surprise, so I just look through the rain into the clouds like my eyes can see God-Himself, if he can tell the difference between my tears and the pouring rain that had no respect to the fact that am upset and troubled. Well as you can tell the first rule of human nature is to blame someone else for our own problems, so I blamed my failure of not having a car and the girl next door (whose parents are obviously rich and not like mine) on God (I always think that when things don’t work you should go to the source/maker).

But just as fast as the pain has come, it was all gone because God explained. I tell you it happen so quickly that I can’t remember some of the words He said….(this is how it always happens with me and Him). Two of the questions I remember is that; is that all I want in life? (to have money?) and Do I know why he had created me? (the plans and purpose to which he created me for). Then like a storm of feelings I saw some good attributes that I have that I would never part with like; my generosity, passion for the people who are less fortunate compared to me, and gift that I can make friends easily (and more but I don’t want boast or bubble….lol). I tell you that through out this conversation it felt like it wasn’t raining and that I was sitting under a peaceful shade…..( I kid not).

(This is the important bit now). I do believe that who ever is going through pain or any form of bad feelings which can’t be explained just look up to your source/maker and don’t hide your tears or anger, just tell Him how exactly you feel. I have heard people say “be real with God” well I say just tell/show just how bad it is. But and I say But, don’t try to change anything until He has given you the manual on how to change it. ‘Cos most of the time we think we need to change but sometimes God wants us to ACCEPT and move on. WITH GOD THERE’S NO D.I.Y……THAT’S WHY JESUS CAME TO DIE FOR US ALL.

Complicated Love

She was alive, it was sunny. But I stayed cool

Prom’s queen and king. Yes we were more than cool

Holidays in clubs. Extravagant dowry so we became cool

Damn, like a rose in spring we were likable than gold


But out of all why? Why her

Optimistic parents but they grew to love her

Not them. Never me. It was always her

Damn too late. ‘Cos to her, my heart I’ve sold


A gum in her hair. Tight. We were always together

Like a disable and a wheelchair. We journeyed together

But misery loves company and now, we’re in it together

Damn. Two years. But judgement. We grow rough and old


Never touched her. A gentleman. And I stayed in that class

Lovable. Humble. Yes a Juliet in her class

We married, we sexed. But we never stayed in forever’s class

Damn. Romeo is out of her class. And her bed ain’t even cold

Love So Young

Love so young

It’s like a song

When looking through it’s eye nothing is impossible

When you’re at the head its unstoppable

But when the song is far gone

Everything becomes warm

Laughter becomes a stranger

A smile turns into anger

Now love so old

It’s too cold

Unhappiness joins with the crowd

Tears settles in with the ground.


My song

Hello darling. How are you?

What you doing ‘cos I greatly  miss you

But I don’t know what to say

Cos at this moment am really sad

Oh I wish you had stayed for today

But since you didn’t this wish is driving me mad

So please answer this question I’ve got for you

If you have to forever stay by my side….

Oh lifter of my heart, would you?