Spending Well

growing up was more than pain. Hell

had an incurable disease. the hospital was my hotel

I was always censored. so I carried my lonely shell

an abomination. never heard of good words to tell


never had a dream. apart from death

cos though I lacked not. I had a dearth

to exchange my life but for my whole health

cos i was like a fish out of water and breath


then by his grace I was born again. a life

i have lost all the vines. no more strife

i could party, swim even shop. I had a wife

i played with swords, so i can’t die by a knife


my words carries weight. and you stare with rage

shame, what do you want. me in my old cage

move your hook and eye. am on a bigger stage

look. this is just the beginning. am the new sage


am now thinking of a place in heaven. earth. boring

full and well, i only know of the skies, sorry am soaring

now my name brings hope. don’t waste your time hating

for I don’t know when i end. so am just spending well my living