The Devil You Know

Never left but came at night

Yes at night. But not right. And she came

to town with a blood stain dress. Nice figure,

rose lips and yet with a curse. Beauty with

horns. But why let it cry? Why let him go,

why let her die? No fornication, strictly

friendship, one more try. Like a bear he’s

the honey I can’t deny. And yes

Yes you will fear. Cos if it’s a

he, he won’t care. If it’s a she,

She won’t play fair. I know. You know,

Yes we all know the devil’s still out-there

But who is it and how do you tell?



Unseen Wars

Though I sleep, I rest not

For my heart is arrested with a barbed wire

Though I speak am not heard

For my words are meet by ice and fire


Though I walk, I arrive not

For my given compass is a liar

Though am prepared I do not archive

For my enemy is my only lawyer


Though I work, I have nothing

For am weak against the robber

Though it’s spring all my leaves are dead

For the earth has begrudge my roots water


Though I seek I find nothing

For all I have is myself and no helper

Though I pray am never answered

For my enemy is still my lawyer


She’s Beautiful

I never knew it could be true

Not keen on stories, I wasn’t a believer

I was next to God.Yes God Himself

And it was impossible. Never ever

I don’t believe it. A beauty unblemished

This is painful but honesty heals

So now i have to admit

She is beautiful. All-round beautiful

Who Is She

We all have talents

But she has talent and beauty

We all have desires and dreams

But hers’ doesn’t have selfishness

Where is she from and why

What is it that God even honours her

Is she not, a mere lady. No

For her beauty is ahead this world

What could i have to get her

Yes. This is beyond good  karma

For she is the blueprint for angels

Cos’ she is peaceful with no flaws

Love is all that surrounds her

So I have surrounded my all

For nothing can emulate her grace

Perfect now sits second to her

Aborted Life

Thou gives what one can. Not life

Thou says what one knows. Not wisdom

Thus because ye incline to folly

Money and drugs are thy masters

A heart, heartless thou understands not wealth

For blood money has lenses thy eyes

Oh, once young and bright youth

Where are thy dreams and purpose

Thy passion and desire for love a’ joy

Why depart with life but not death

For does thee not know that it hates thee

Well, now it changes clothes. Anger and hunger

And it wants nothing of thee. But thee

Dead. All because a rose rejected its thorns


Spending Well

growing up was more than pain. Hell

had an incurable disease. the hospital was my hotel

I was always censored. so I carried my lonely shell

an abomination. never heard of good words to tell


never had a dream. apart from death

cos though I lacked not. I had a dearth

to exchange my life but for my whole health

cos i was like a fish out of water and breath


then by his grace I was born again. a life

i have lost all the vines. no more strife

i could party, swim even shop. I had a wife

i played with swords, so i can’t die by a knife


my words carries weight. and you stare with rage

shame, what do you want. me in my old cage

move your hook and eye. am on a bigger stage

look. this is just the beginning. am the new sage


am now thinking of a place in heaven. earth. boring

full and well, i only know of the skies, sorry am soaring

now my name brings hope. don’t waste your time hating

for I don’t know when i end. so am just spending well my living


Our Prayer

our lips prays for our life but

our hands holds a death gift to the enemy

a time when every milestone can’t be celebrated

for the night delights the body but torments the mind

sometimes the air alone brings grief and fear

the ground now can’t be trusted nor can the quietness

and the skies are constantly haunted by the mind

a time when every meal is a graceful gift

for the body would’ve been the passage of death

fine things are a fantasy so are our precious home

now our eyes and death talks more than our lips

so the most common language is the one not heard

and the reward of survivor is bloody hands

a time when spent changes a man forever

we neither wish this time or change on any man

for though when all is done we become heroes

but am now damaged beyond repair we can’t live

the noise, the images. our lips now prays for a quite sleep